From Bearing Arms' Jenn Jaques:

"When Kimberly Corban was being honored by Susan LaPierre at the (NRA Annual Meeting)  luncheon, Kristi McMains immediately recognized her. Kimberly’s appearance on the Obama’s town hall “Guns in America” on CNN had altered the course of her life, and most definitely armed her to be able to avoid the same fate and possibly death.

Kristi told her friend, “I have to meet her!”

She made her way through the crowd and, choking back tears of overwhelming gratitude, introduced herself to Kimberly, describing in detail how she, as an absolute stranger, saved her life:"

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Channel 7 News in Denver, CO interviewed Kimberly the day after her appearance on CNN with the president.
“You don’t have to carry a firearm,” she said. “I’m not telling you that you need to. I just want you to respect my right to do that myself.”

Following her appearance on CNN's Townhall, presented readers with five facts about Kimberly they need to know. They got most of them correct.

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On January 7th, 2016, Kimberly Corban stood in front of the nation on CNN's live televised event with Anderson Cooper, "Guns in America", where she confronted President Barack Obama on his executive action concerning stricter gun control regulations.