Channel 7 News in Denver, CO interviewed Kimberly the day after her appearance on CNN with the president.
“You don’t have to carry a firearm,” she said. “I’m not telling you that you need to. I just want you to respect my right to do that myself.”

"On Thursday night, President Obama appeared on a CNN town hall to answer questions about his new executive actions on gun control. There were questioners on both sides of the gun debate, including Taya Kyle, widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the subject of American Sniper. But one stirring moment occurred when a rape survivor who fights for women's access to guns asked the president a question. 

In 2006, Kimberly Corban was raped while she was a student at the University of Northern Colorado. She was active and vocal in getting her assailant convicted, memorizing his appearance and even preserving his semen on her leg for DNA testing. Her assaulter, Ronnie Pieros ended up being found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to 24 years behind bars, according to the Denver Post. "

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On January 7th, 2016, Kimberly Corban stood in front of the nation on CNN's live televised event with Anderson Cooper, "Guns in America", where she confronted President Barack Obama on his executive action concerning stricter gun control regulations.