Following her groundbreaking live-tweet of the 10th anniversary of her rape, Kimberly Corban sat down with Jenn Jaques from Bearing Arms at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY to answer the flood of questions that followed the MAy 12th top trending hashtag #Kim10.

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The Conservative Review followed Kimberly's minute by minute account of her rape on the 10th anniversary. Read Nate Madden's piece HERE.

"The rape survivor, who went toe-to-toe with President Obama on gun rights, commemorated the ten-year anniversary of the event that changed her life by tweeting it in real time.

Kimberly Corban was a college student in Northern Colorado when she was sexually assaulted in the early hours of May 12, 2006. On Thursday, a decade to the day later, the mother of two and gun rights advocate told her horrific story story as it happened with the goal of "true and raw understanding" of the trauma that she and other victims have experienced.

"Sitting at her computer, Kimberly Corban shares a deeply personal account of her rape 10 years later as she tweets out details she has never talked about outside of the police investigation or court.

Corban began tweeting around 5:00 in the morning, around the time when the assault happened. During the course of the day she sent out dozens of tweets that tell her story chronologically."

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“I don’t ever want pity and I don’t want to be looked at as a victim because I’m not,” Corban said. “The coolest thing that has happened to me over the last decade is the ability to put on my presentation and watch victims use their own voices to dig themselves out of that hole.

“When it comes time for me to leave this Earth, I will be very happy to know that is the legacy I am leaving behind.”

The Greeley Tribune covered Kimberly's 10th anniversary of her assault on May 12th, 2016. Read the article HERE.
From the Bradford Era:

Keynote speaker Kimberly Corban speaks during a “Take Back the Night” rally and march against rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and sexual abuse held on Wednesday night at the Harriett B. Wick Chapel at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

In 2006, Corban was a college student at the University of Northern Colorado, when an intruder broke into her apartment and raped her. She has worked ever since to advocate on behalf of sexaul assault survivors and in support of gun rights. The event was part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities being held on campus this month."

The Daily Signal showcases Kimberly's journey from survivor to advocate after a CPAC interview with Melissa Quinn.
“Every single time anyone speaks out against sexual abuse it creates a more accepting culture that in turn empowers victims to come forward and get the help that they need” Corban said.