"The New York Times cares deeply about rape victims — unless they advocate armed self-defense. Nasty New York Times writer David Firestone pretends to care about campaign scare-mongering. But what he and his elitist ilk really fear is independent-thinking women who have dared to exercise their First Amendment powers to defend their Second Amendment rights. This week, Firestone took aim at “attack ads” sponsored by the National Rifle Association. The “worst commercial,” he says, “features a rape victim describing her assault and accusing” former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg “of wanting to take away her right to defend herself.” That rape victim has a name and a story Firestone couldn’t even bother to mention. She is Kimberly Weeks, a brave and fierce Colorado woman who testified against the Bloomberg-backed gun-control measures that the beleaguered Governor John Hickenlooper now admits he pushed “without basic facts” and concedes were ineffective from the get-go."

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/391550/new-war-women-michelle-malkinRead the entire article HERE.



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