#LASKI Podcast

‘Life As She Knows It’ is the widely-celebrated, weekly podcast by Kimberly Corban and Kirsta Rinehart. Criminal justice work wives turned besties needed an excuse to get together every week in yoga pants to drink wine. Throwing a microphone into the mix, LASKI was born.  Talking serious issues, doling out advice they wish they’d taken and snort-laughing at inappropriate times makes this highly-relatable duo like the big sisters you never had.

Aimed towards young women, Kim and Kirsta speak to those ready to have tough-topic discussions in a non-threatening way. Listeners are guided to form their own opinions and encouraged to find their individuals voices along the way.


Bubbles and Hula Hoops

Re-imagining consent education. Dr. Apryl Alexander | Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Denver Welcome…

Mindful Movement

Not just here for the savasana. Claire Ewing | CorePower Yoga Marketing Manager and lululemon Ambassador…

Define The Line

On the game-changing comic book.   The ladies are brimming with excitement to finally bring you…
The Halo Effect
Setting Intentions
‘Tis The Season
Raise Your Voice
Breaking News
Crucial Conversations
Mental Health
The Four Horsemen
It’s All Greek To Me

Kirsta Rinehart


Kirsta Rinehart a classic introvert who doesn't say much until you know her well and then you can't shut her up. She knows Kimberly well which means you can tune in to their podcast to listen to her non-stop opinions on girl power, hypocrisy in politics, and book recommendations. Kirsta has an awesome husband and two perfect children and the cutest widdle dog in the whole wide world. She's spent her career working in criminal justice.

Kimberly Corban


Kimberly Corban is the extrovert of this duo and says the things out loud we're all thinking. You can expect the blunt truth, sarcasm, and plenty of random movie quotes. Four kids, two dogs, and one (almost) husband keep her happy and select wine companies in business.

“Corban and Reinhart's new podcast is a positive step in order to create a civil dialogue with a community that often excludes those who do not agree with their political affinities.”

Independent Journal Review

“Life As She Knows It' Is The Podcast Form Of The Skimm. All Of The Tough Topics And News We Need To Hear Discussed In An Authentic Yet Digestible Way. This Podcast Is A Must!”

Angela Barnett

“Female Empowerment Meets Girl's Night Out. This Is Already My Go-To Podcast!”

Caroline Craig

“A Must Listen! The Insightful Banter Between Kimberly And Kirsta Navigates Thought-Provoking Topics Yet Happens In A Way That Makes You Feel Like You’re At A Girls Night With Your Besties.”

Amanda OwensFounder Of FFL

“This Podcast Is Kick-A**. If You Don’t Have Friends Like Them, You're Really Missing Out!”

Delainey Trost
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