Under a cover of darkness, he stalked and broke in to his college victim’s apartment in the early morning hours of May 12th, 2006. When he came upon the 20-year-old woman asleep in her bed, he covered her face and attacked.

But he never imagined he had just awakened a survivor…

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"The strength you’ve shown in telling your story and being here tonight is remarkable-- I'm really proud of you for that."

President Barack Obama

Kimberly is not just a victim anymore. She is proof that sometimes the greatest courage comes from the worst struggle.

The Greeley TribuneSeptember 9th, 2007

Kimberly Corban's story of a victim of a horrific act to a strong and empowered survivor should be heard by every young woman.

Amanda OwensFounder of Future Female Leaders

"Kimberly is a powerful public speaker who captivates her audience from the moment she walks on stage. She reaches people in a genuine way and I have witnessed firsthand the emotional connections she is able to build through her storytelling."

Danielle Butcher

The atrocity that was committed against Kimberly Corban was something colossal. Yet Corban's bravery in turning the worst day of her life into a courageous fight against the crippling feelings of helplessness, and fear that would otherwise haunt her makes her a colossus much greater than her tragedy. The clear, concise, and much needed example that Corban has to impart would help lead anyone who hears her message through the dark times horrible experiences bring. Everyone, not just victims of sexual assault or rape, should hear Corban's message.

Brandon MorseJournalist &Commentator

"Kimberly is a superb speaker with sharp wit. Her command of topics is excellent. She's a professional who will not only deliver on tasks you ask of her, she's also proactive and desires to stay involved beyond events. Very few people are as invested in their work as she is."

Gabriella HoffmanMedia Strategist & Consultant

“Being a victim is not a choice, but becoming a survivor is.”

- Kimberly Corban