We’re Kimberly Corban and Kirsta Rinehart—and we are the hosts of your brand-new podcast called ‘Life As She Knows It’ (LASKI for short). Here are ten things you can expect from our weekly show now available on iTunes, Google Play, Android and through Kimberly’s website.

1.) You will definitely hear some awkward and embarrassing stories.

Yes, we are unfailingly human and aren’t afraid to talk about it!

2.) We promise to give you some questionable life advice.

We want to hear from you about what issues you’re facing.  So much of how we form opinions is talking through topics with each other.  Maybe you don’t yet have the kind of friend you can chat with about these things or you aren’t ready to talk to your IRL friends when it comes to certain issues.  That’s where we come in—we can talk through tough subjects and questions for/with you. We would love to be your sounding board like we are to each other.

3.) You will hear us laughing at our own jokes.

Snorting may be involved.  It’s NBD.  See #1.

4.) On the flip side, we will be talking about important issues.

We aren’t afraid to dive deep and always want to examine multiple sides of a subject or story.  You might disagree with us at times, but we want you to cultivate the skills to discuss differing ideas and opinions rationally. Even if we don’t come to the same conclusions in the end, we still want to be able to like us and each other when the conversation is over.

5.) Our philosophy is centered around having a conversation with 4 other women.

No matter how many listeners or subscribers we grow to have in time, our approach is to always imagine we’re just sitting around having a gabfest with 4 other girlfriends.  Why? Because approximately 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. We have and always will aim to be a steadfast beacon of support for our victims, our survivors, and the friends and allies of our 1 in 4.

6.) Introverts love to tell you that they are introverts—and Kirsta is totally an introvert.

This means that she hates small talk, but wants to discuss deep, meaningful issues. Lucky her, because that’s exactly what we plan to do. She’s also a never-ending resource for literary recommendations, the justice system, and the adventures of parenting two tweens. She is gooey in love with her husband who she started dating in high school and has plenty of stories to share about him over the years. Also, the voice she uses when she talks about her “wittle doggie” is certain to make a few appearances.

7.) You’ve probably seen Kim all over social media and here at FFL—and that’s because she’s the extrovert of this duo

You’ve likely gotten to know her over the past couple of years after hearing about her amazing survival story. If not, check it out on her website here. ‘Life As She Knows It’ will let you really get to know her across a variety of topics. Sometimes she will awkwardly sing in the key of Scuttle (al la The Little Mermaid) and is fluent in sarcasm and movie quotes. Her fiancé is kind of a big deal and has many leather bound books in his office—which smells of rich mahogany. You could call them a “power couple”—and then watch them laugh at you. 4 kids and 2 dogs means she runs on coffee and dry shampoo.

8.) We’re not like regular moms, we’re cool moms

No really. We’re not. At least that’s what we keep telling our kids in the hopes that they’ll accept this as fact. Besides, happy hour is from 4 to 6!

9.) We will ask you to subscribe, rate, and review so much that you’ll think that you’ve accidentally started playing an episode you’ve already heard

What we’ve learned about the podcast world is that ratings and reviews show platforms like iTunes which shows should be searched and recommended first. We want this to always be free to listeners and to have the opportunity to reach ladies we may not have otherwise, so we need that tangible feedback!  When we are saying “Thank you!” for rating and reviewing, we are talking directly to you.  Yes, you!  Your hair looks great today, btw. To rate and review our podcast, click here. 

10.) Don’t expect us to tow any party lines here

We love this incredible country of ours. And part of the respect we have for this great nation is the ability for its people to have an active role in her direction. That means accountability across party lines will always be on our minds and we hope will be on yours as well. We want America to keep moving forward and getting better each day. And if the future is female, we have to have some tough conversations that have been historically avoided due to political divisions.

So welcome to our tribe, ladies. We’re so excited you’re here for this.

‘Life As She Knows It’ is the highly-anticipated weekly podcast by Kimberly Corban and Kirsta Rinehart. Criminal justice work wives turned besties needed an excuse to get together every week in yoga pants to drink wine, so you’re welcome. Talking serious issues, doling out advice they wish they’d taken and snort-laughing at inappropriate times makes this highly relatable duo the big sisters you never had.