We’ve Had Enough.

February is Teen DV Awareness month. On the evening of the 13th, we recorded an hour-long episode set to air the following week, dedicated specifically to this topic because we know it is of paramount importance when identifying escalating, violent, and possibly homicidal behaviors. The very next day, another mass tragedy occurred in Parkland Florida.

We know you are all as broken-hearted as we are in the wake of this horrific loss of life.
Instead of holding our episode until next Wednesday as planned, we have opted to release it immediately. We hope that you’ll listen with an open mind, however heavy your heart may feel at this time. It felt imperative to us that we provide this segment early to raise awareness of dating violence and recognize that this isn’t something that only happens in marriages. A common element in the histories of mass shooters is intimate partner violence. Initial reports indicate that the shooter had been abusive towards an ex-girlfriend. Part of the conversation after a senseless act of violence is whether we could have predicted this person would commit this awful act and whether they could have been stopped. We believe recognizing intimate partner violence as a major issue in our society is a start. We have to talk about abuse in relationships and we will continue to do so as often as possible.

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