Originally posted on The Greeley Tribune, June 13th, 2007

“Do not call her a victim. Kimberly Corban is a hero. Following last week’s guilty verdict against her attacker, Ronnie Pieros, Corban said she wanted her name used in the Tribune.

While it is this paper’s policy, like many other community newspapers across the country, not to report the names of sexual assault victims, Corban bravely is going public with her ordeal.

Why? She wants to help other women who have been raped.

In fact, Corban has been courageous from the beginning.

She took the witness stand last week to tell a jury of her ordeal.

In May 2006, Pieros broke into Corban’s Greeley apartment in the early morning hours, assaulted her for an hour and then spent another hour talking to her. During this time, Corban had a T-shirt over her face, but she said she could hear the sound of a camera clicking and paid close attention to Pieros’ voice. She also told the jurors she remembered a magazine article about another rape victim who had empathized with her attacker. Corban kept her wits about her and, despite being terrified, used the same approach with the man in her apartment.

To say that that May night was a horrific experience is an understatement.

Yet this 21-year-old University of Northern Colorado student is taking control of her life. She is not afraid to talk about her experience. She wants other women to know they can face their attacker; they can be in charge of their destiny.

Certainly, Corban is a remarkably strong individual, but we believe she also is helped greatly by the incredible support she has received from those who love her.

During last week’s trial, dozens of her sorority sisters, friends and relatives gathered in court every day. Some had been present during earlier hearings, too. She acknowledged that their compassion had helped her cope during the year since the attack.

“They’re reminding me that they’re there for me,” she said.

We thank Corban for her public stance. We respect her desire to help others. This community is blessed to have such a resilient individual in its midst. And we encourage any other woman who has been assaulted to lean on Corban’s strength. You can do it, too.

And, as a society, let’s rally around these women. We have observed firsthand, through Corban’s experience, how crucial it is for people close to crime victims to advocate for their well-being, for their right to justice.

Kimberly Corban’s ability to confront her attacker and to face the public is exemplary. We should all take a moment to consider what she has done for us as a community. We are humbled by her strength.

“I just want to live my happy days,” Corban said after Friday’s verdict was announced.

We wish that for her — and for every woman Corban’s forthright actions will now help.


If you or someone you know is a victim or survivor of rape, sexual abuse, incest or sexual assault, call Sexual Assault Survivor Inc.:

* 24-hour hotline — (970) 352-7273 or toll free at (800) 656-4673.

* Web site — http://www.survivorinfo.org.”

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