In A Sea Of 3rd Wave Feminist Garbage,
A Couple Of Voices Emerge Worthy Of Women’s Attention

If you’ve never heard of Kimberly Corban then you should definitely start getting comfortable with the name, because Corban has made one for herself in some of the most extraordinary ways possible.

Girls in college campuses across America are getting to know her, taking her advice, laughing at her jokes, and looking to her as like a big sister. Why? Because when it comes to the highs and lows of women’s lives, Corban knows the feeling. Be it the joys and frustrations of motherhood, the exciting and terrifying parts of dating, marriage, divorce, careers, and starting over, Corban’s been there and wears the figurative t-shirts collectively.

But Corban has also been in the lowest of the lows. In 2006, as a young woman of 20, she was raped by a man who broke into her home one night. Playing it smart, Corban did what was necessary to keep herself alive and make sure her rapist went to jail. Moving on, Corban refused to let the event turn her into a victim. Instead, she used it to turn her into something powerful.

And that’s why so many young women listen to Corban. Her life is a story worth telling, and a story worth listening to. It’s a story of overcoming the worst life has to throw at you, fighting back, conquering, and finding joy on the other side. In today’s world, it’s a message society is sorely lacking. We’re rife with angry victims, but we’re severely short on happy warriors.

Corban’s website has become solid place for all things girl-power. Be it advice to girls or her fellow survivors, encouragement about self-protection, or social commentary, Corban has something to say.

And she’s about to start saying a little more.

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