That’s a little Broncos-style humor for those of you unfamiliar with our recent Super bowl championship.

Last night I was honored to join Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska to kick off my fall “Victim to Survivor” tour. This was the first event their Turning Point USA chapter has hosted and they had quite a few students from this relatively small university spend their evening with us. Their advocacy community and Title IX offices attended as well, bringing vital resources to the gathering.

Anytime I speak, I always ask that the organizers not only identify their local and/or campus resources, but that they reach out to these services to ensure they are made aware of the event and their crisis intervention information is provided to the attendees.

A trigger warning is issued prior to my speaking portion of the evening as these are often difficult topics to discuss and tend to stir deep-seeded emotions within fellow survivors of violence. Creighton did not disappoint and I am very thankful for their proactive approach and helpful input throughout the evening.

The “Trigger Warning” slide that is shown and explained to event attendees prior to the beginning of the speech.

I fielded thought-provoking questions from the audience and as always, stayed upon the conclusion of the evening to speak with those students who did not feel comfortable speaking in front of the group. I keep victimized individuals’ identities and their disclosures confidential, but I also receive feedback from attendees that I have decided I’d like to begin sharing here. This isn’t to “humble-brag” so-to-speak, but to instead illustrate the impact a non-political message of sexual assault advocacy can provide to anyone, regardless of identity or background.

Shout out via Instagram from the Creighton TPUSA board for a great event!

“Hearing Kim speak honestly opens up your eyes to how safety is so important- especially on college campuses. So many students are terrified to come out and tell authorities when they’re sexually assisted, and Kim allows students to feel safe, to feel protected, and to understand that they will be taken seriously when they go to authorities. Students feel safe and actually learn about how serious sexual assault is and how any victim can become a survivor–and they’re not alone.” -Female, 22

“Kim’s speech was really eye opening, inspiring, and awesome. As a guy it’s important to hear her speech as well because sexual assault can happen to anybody.”
-Male, 19

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Kimberly speak on 5 or so occasions, and each time I learn something new and am rejuvenated to spread awareness. The issue of sexual assault is extremely important and her advocacy for victims is so inspiring that I wish she could speak on every campus. I have seen her story and her message change lives and I am proud that our chapter hosted her on Creighton campus.”
-Male, 22

Thanks again, Creighton! I had a wonderful time and hope you all were impacted in a way that in turn facilitates positive conversations surrounding healthy relationships, consent, and sexual violence. Until next time!