Live from YWLS in Dallas

K&K recorded their first live show from the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas Texas on June 16th, 2018. Recapping the first 6 months of the podcast for 200 attendees was quite the experience. Talking about messaging with compassion, cyberbullying, and the #MeToo movement. Bill Clinton is why we can’t have nice things…20 years later.

Also, the most epic of all fangirling occurs when Kim and Kirsta once again discuss Brene Brown (our intellectual girl-crush) just to find out her wonderful intern was among the listeners. Thanks to Linda for enduring the awkward squeals.

Shout outs to Taylor Hubbs for all her help coordinating the LASKI breakout session and endless enthusiasm all weekend. To Caroline Craig for reading books on a Friday night with Kirsta and becoming our first official intern. To Allie Stuckey for being a principled voice who can message with kindness (Check out her podcast ‘Relatable’ here And to all the ladies who came out to listen to a difference in opinions and supporting the first live recording.