This morning, the first episode of ‘Life As She Knows It’ premiered, and it has certainly turned some heads in the media world. Check out a few of the first articles on LASKI:

“Second Amendment advocate Kimberly Corban and criminal justice career woman Kirsta Rinehart are partnering together to launch the new “Life As She Knows It” podcast. The new project shatters the far-Left feminist myths about women.”

Full Article on The Daily Wire

“Instead of worrying about shattering glass ceilings, best friends Kimberly Corban and Kirsta Reinhart are focusing on starting a conversation with liberal feminists.”

Full Article on The Independent Journal Review

“If you’re looking to make your Wednesday mornings brighter, listen to “Life As She Knows It” while commuting or working in the office. More conservatives need to embrace podcasts, and it’s encouraging to see Ms. Corban continue to use her platform for good. “​

Full Article on The Resurgent

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