On big ideas, TED talks, and being intentional. 

Welcome to Season 2 of Life As She Knows It!  The girls are glad to be back in the studio, er, Kim’s closet.

The break between Season 1 and Season 2 was only 4 months long but K & K packed in enough stuff in those few months that it felt like 4 years.  A brief recap ensues.

Kim living out her wildest dream on the TEDxMileHigh stage.


Mary Poppins!

The girls each checked off a bucket list item during the break which meant a puppy named Mary Poppins for Kirsta and a TED talk for Kim!!! You guys.  Let’s talk TED.  And let’s keep talking TED throughout the season because what Kim learned about public speaking and a new way to develop ideas was truly life-changing.  Congrats to Kim for taking on the ‘Red Dot’ with her Big Idea–The Weaponization of Sex Assault for Political Gain.  Links forthcoming!


It’s the start of a new year and with the start of a new year frequently comes New Year’s Resolutions.  Kim and Kirsta take a different angle with resolutions and talk about setting intentions and how they came to that mindset.  Hint: it involved a cheesy, inspirational Facebook video.  The girls discuss setting intentions personally and set intentions for Season 2 of Life As She Knows It.

Another NFL Super Bowl is upon us and we want to talk about Sarah Thomas, the first female referee in an NFL playoff game.  Thank you for making strides for women in sports, Sarah Thomas!  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sarah-thomas-makes-history-first-female-referee-nfl-game-patriots-chargers/

The girls go down the Netflix rabbit hole and discuss their current faves.  A ton of love goes to Hannah Gasdby who takes on mental health with humor in her fantastic special, Nanette.  Kirsta saw Ellen record Relatable live back in August and is so excited it’s finally been released on Netflix!  And Dumplin’ is the book and movie adaptation of choice for this week.  Kirsta unashamedly loves Dolly Parton.

Somewhere in there, the girls start giggling, Kim snorts, and Kirsta silently laughs like a seal in the background and can’t get it together.  Laughter is the best!

Join us in welcoming Caroline Craig and Elise Yost as our Season 2 squad interns! You’ll be hearing from them in the coming months, especially on social media.

What are your intentions for 2019?  What do you think the girls should talk about?  Do you have a guest who would love to discuss their expertise?  Reach out to laskipodcast@gmail.com or on any of the socials!  Let’s connect – you can totally sit next to us.