“You don’t need some prince to slay your dragons. You need your own sword”

I was asked to write January’s feature article for Sure Shots Magazine by co-editors Niki Jones and Carrin Welch. To say I was happy to help would be an understatement. I was basically given the green light to write about whatever I wanted (thanks for the vote of confidence, ladies!) Though I was nervous as to whether my style of messaging would blend in with their butt-kicking brand, I can only hope it’s something that has resonated with their readers.

My own little princess

Photo courtesy of Sarah Porter Photography

Designed as a love letter to my own daughter, “Not All Princesses Need Saving” is meant to speak to the little girl in all of us. We may play dress up, walk in our mommy’s high heels, and watch endless Disney movies, but the skills will learn to defend ourselves will last long past our childhood. As we grow into the woman we were meant to become, self-sufficiency should always be a goal.

And as for my fiercely sweet 3-year old, I will be her voice until she finds her own; her protector until the day she can protect herself.