It’s been a little over a week since Turning Point’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit, but I am already looking forward to the next TPUSA gathering. Just prior to speaking to the 1,000 women from across the country, my friend Delainey Trost and I were able to chat on camera about the conference, my campus tour, and what it means to survive. Delainey has also started a blog you can check out called Coffee Shop Crusades. She’s sharp, witty, and pulls no punches.


I also sat down with the talented Lauren Johnson of Turning Point News while I was in Dallas for YWLS2017. Our conversation centered around mental health and suicide, topics of the utmost importance to me both personally and professionally. Her article does a great job of detailing the psychological aspects victimization can inflict upon individuals.

Despite these outward successes, however, this journey has been anything but easy. The past ten years have been shrouded in trauma, horror, and recovery. The incredibly long road to recovery was in no way easy, but Corban has shown, and is an inspiration to everyone who hears her message, what it means to be a Survivor.

When asked what it means to her to survive, Corban said, “I would say it’s waking up each and every day with the intention to not let what has happened to you define who you are. It’s to rise above it; that you choose every single day to make yourself into who you are. That to me is surviving. Whether it’s from crime, whether it’s from trauma, from a bad relationship – I mean, all these things fall under something that somebody did – and you could automatically assume ‘well, I’m a victim of this.’ But to make that conscious effort to not let it define the rest of your life – is surviving to me.”

Read Lauren’s full article on Turning Point News.