That is the Ugliest Effing Skirt I’ve Ever Seen!

We’ve all seen ‘Mean Girls’ enough to know that if you’re in high school and Regina George is wearing army pants and flip-flops, you should be wearing army pants and flip-flops.

As a young adult, you realize it’s never actually the style that’s important. Rather, it’s the woman’s ability to adhere to her clique’s arbitrary “girl-world” rules. And who makes these “rules”?  The plastics, of course.

Sadly, our society’s obsession with physical perfection isn’t going away. Glamour magazines, photoshop, and never-ending celebrity walks down Hollywood’s red carpets keep us mere peasants asking “who are you wearing?”

Judging women’s abilities based on their looks is why we can’t have nice things. 

Jim Carrey made a better pet detective than he does an “artist”.

And speaking of Hollywood, we can thank Jim Carrey for literally illustrating that point. He took to the global Burn Book better known as Twitter to shame Sarah Sanders with his “art”.

This Aussie newscaster made the point on how women are held to a higher standard than men in regards to appearance when he wore the same suit for an entire year. And NO ONE NOTICED!

In “Asking For a Friend”, we have apparently pulled a fast one on you all in making it look like we have balance in our lives. Cue the laughter from K&K that will eventually turn in to soft weeping in the corner. But have no fear, we have some pointers and reference this amazingness – read it now!

Kirsta also talks about KonMari which Kim had never heard of before. Read up on this decluttering method and then go purge your closets and your social media friends lists.

Finally, we see you, Selena! We are applauding your powerful clap backs to the body-shaming hating on your life-saving surgical scars.

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