On the game-changing comic book.


The ladies are brimming with excitement to finally bring you this episode with special guests, Tina Todd and Nikki Larchar from Simply HR and the ‘Define the Line’ comic training series!


We’re talking workplace sexual harassment this week.  To help get you situated, it might help to know what sexual harassment training requirements your employer is required to provide based on your state.  Check out US State Specific Sexual Harassment training requirements here.


Kim and Kirsta have a great conversation about sexual harassment and the special training that Define The Line provides.  Check out Simply HR and Define The Line and also follow them on social media!


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Kirsta recommends a book about working girls originally released in 1958, The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe.

Loving this satire on women in the workplace


The good and the bad feature sex trafficking stings and overdue assault charges. Kim and Kirsta stumble over the Statute of Limitations in the R. Kelly case, but promised clarification.  Fortunately, RAINN has a great article on Statute of Limitations in each state.  The RAINN article doesn’t specifically discuss childhood sex assault but it turns out that the Illinois law (where R. Kelly was finally charged) is pretty complex.  Victims have to report within 5 years of “discovering” that it was abuse.  This is an interesting nuance because a child might not recognize what the person in a position of trust is doing to them is actually abuse until they’re much older.  Further, the statute of limitations “tolls” (Pauses; the passage of time doesn’t count.) if the abuser continues to abuse or threaten the victim, even after their an adult.  Interesting to say the least.