On Being Politely Assertive

This week, Kim & Kirsta read the fine print. The philosophy, goals, and challenges of the podcast are vetted. They might not be what you were expecting.

Why are women polite even when alarm bells are going off?  K & K talk about how our cultures teach women to be polite above

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ on Netflix has long been a favorite of ours, but the Matt Lauer scene from its first episode is now…ironic.

all else. Wisdom from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and “Ellen talking about pens” is shared. Perhaps the great #ladychip story wasn’t fully true, but being pandered to is something women know all too well.

In an ironic role reversal, Kim brings up a great book this week – ‘The Gift of Fear’ by Gavin DeBecker. Kirsta talks about reading a tabloid–yes, really.

In ‘Asking for a Friend’, we discuss how difficult it is to find people to have rational political conversations with unless you think exactly the same way. The tactics of Westboro Baptist Church are compared to tactics of other groups. If you revert to calling someone a Nazi, you need to improve your argument. Find your tribe on our private Facebook group–sorry fellas, this one is just for the girls.

How about some good news? Maryland votes to deny parental rights to rapists and Brantley Gilbert is our hero of the week by giving away companion dogs to veterans!

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K&K’s Mentioned Links:

The internet got loud about “Lady Doritos”.

‘The Gift of Fear‘ by Gavin DeBecker (free on kindle unlimited!).

‘Leaving the Westboro Baptist Church’ via TED Talks.

Anne Hathaway is politely assertive with Matt Lauer a few years back. (Second video on the page.)

The Maryland Senate voted to end the parental rights of rapists.

Brantley Gilbert + Veterans + Therapy Dogs = SWOON.

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