Not just here for the savasana.

Claire Ewing | CorePower Yoga Marketing Manager and lululemon Ambassador

Kim and Kirsta talk to Kim’s “Person”–Claire Ewing–about her movement journey. Claire is  CorePower Yoga’s Marketing Manager and an actual lululemon ambassador. Before you jump to conclusions, know that this isn’t your average fitness conversation–after all, this is a LASKI episode.


Claire talks about how our movements keep our minds healthy, and why reprogramming ourselves to focus on what our bodies are capable of doing instead of just how they look can be life-altering.


Kim and Kirsta discuss how Claire’s words completely altered their weekends and how those words have resonated with them. Hear about the immediate actions they took and what you start today as well. 

Find Claire on social media @claire.ewing and find out more about CorePower Yoga at New students get their first week free!

Kirsta compares Claire’s journey with movement to what Roxane Gay discusses in her book Hunger.

All good things, all good things.  Hurray to Senator Martha McSally from Arizona for bringing to light her experience with sexual assault in the military.  While we wouldn’t wish her experience on anyone, it’s great to see women in positions to impact how male-dominated institutions respond to these situations.  Her testimony is not without controversy as her stance on commanders keeping their rank opposes legislation introduced to address this issue, but a heartfelt thank you to Senator McSally for being vulnerable and sharing her story.  

It’s the week after the Daylight Savings time change and there is not enough coffee or under-eye concealer in the world to help us through it.  The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that 26 states have introduced legislation to get rid of time changes.  These bills are popular but never pass, likely because with 49 other states doing it, it’s hard to go against the crowd.  Once again props to Arizona for sticking to their guns and not changing time. But seriously people, let’s rally behind these and make this happen!  Everyone hates springing forward! Let’s just stay on this time with this glorious sunshine at the end of the day!

My oh my, how far they’ve come since college.