And other double entendres.

Kim and Kirsta get back into their groove this week talking Intermarital Partner Rape (IPR)–sexual violence within a committed relationship. Thankfully, they’re doing this with wine glasses that *clink*. Loudly.

They also discuss what it means to leave an abusive marriage or partnership. Asking for a friend prompts a longer conversation on and the tricky step down the road when a survivor decides to tell a new partner about their past abuse.  

The new Laura Dern movie on HBO discusses how we tell our stories. If you choose to watch, heed the trigger warnings.

Thanks to Kenzie for sharing a video with the LASKI Squad of T-Swift singing ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’! K&K have seen so many awesome social media posts from this amazing tour (hello FOMO), but this was by far a favorite!  

This week, the Stepford Wives on Racist Crack prove that we legit can’t have anything nice. This comes from this New York Times opinion article Read this hot trash in a soothing room, preferably before you can do some yoga to chill the eff out after reading.

Also, shout out to Netflix for telling us what they do and yay for google docs!  *facepalm*


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