The Gaslight At The End Of The Tunnel

It’s almost as if every domestic violence offender reads from the same playbook. Kim & Kirsta finally define gaslighting – a form of manipulation that abusive partners love to use, and maybe the media does too.

This week’s ‘Asking for a Friend’ is about how to support a friend who is in an abusive relationship. The stories about the boyfriend of our writer’s roomie detail so many different areas of abuse.

Julie Golob’s New Children’s Safety Book

Help a Friend

The dangers of intimate partner violence are very real:

What is gaslighting?

In addition to loving all things dogs, we love anything that helps people be happier.More than 1,000 people in Washington are singing their way through retirement.

There is so much talk about guns and incorporating youth into the conversation. This new safety book by Julie Golob can help start the conversation with very young children.


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